Profiles XMS

The XMS profiles are based on Line X. The contemporary profile shape with its clear contours and smooth side panels offers both practical functionality and timeless design. The internal grooves in the XMS frame profiles are ideal for accommodating additional door seals. This makes it much easier to build sealed units when external dimensions don’t change.
Integrated cable conduits are another innovative feature of the profiles. The conduits ensure cables and hoses are routed safely and securely to where they are needed and are covered over with versatile Cover Profiles that can be adapted to suit needs. Vertical columns made from Profile X 8 120x120 K56 – XMS can also be used to house larger cables and hoses or group together switches in operating consoles.
When combined with fastening elements from Line 8 (preferably Automatic-Fastening Set 8) and accessory elements such as Base Plate/Transport Plates XMS, these profiles can be built into strong basic frames for production machines that can be configured to suit requirements.
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