New products 2018/II (autumn)

MB Building Kit System
Hold fast! The new Clamp Levers Pi are perfect for rapidly fixing and releasing accessories. The ergonomically shaped grips make it easier to operate Slide Guides and Angle Locking Brackets. When space is tight, the insert and grip can be disconnected at the touch of a button.
Stop static! Polycarbonate 5mm ESD is impact-resistant, transparent and ESD-safe. The coated panels protect staff, plant and products. Ensuring seamless protection from static charging is the new Panel-Clamping Strip 8 4-6mm ESD.
Stay safe! The new Adapter M45 for Control Circuit Device, 22mm makes it easy to install Emergency Stop Buttons and Selector Switches in the item Installation Column, machines and work benches. This modular solution can be used to create customised, preassembled units.
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