New products 2018/I (spring)

MB Building Kit System
New flexibility! Space-saving folding doors can be easily built using the tried-and-tested item Clamp Profiles 8 32x18. The new T-Slot Slider 8 for Corner-Fastener 8 32x18 uses the Line 8 system groove of the door frame as a guide. A few components are all you need.
New lightness! The new Profile 8 320x40 I is ideal for accommodating high point and line loads. It is an I beam that joins the contours of two Profiles 8 40x40 with a 240 mm high web. That means high bending strength and low material use.
New stability! Building trusses and diagonal struts to add extra rigidity to frames is even easier now with the new Angle Fasteners which speed up work considerably. Profiles no longer need to be mitre cut. Depending on the load in question, you can use Profiles 6 30x30 or Profiles 8 80x40.
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