New products 2016/II (autumn)

Lean Production Building Kit System
More options! The new item solution for modular transport roller conveyors makes it incredibly easy to interlink workstations. Conveyor lines can be built and extended in next to no time. Users can choose between robust roller elements made of aluminium or lightweight plastic roller elements, as appropriate to the goods that need to be transported.
More length! Or less! To create pull-out telescopic solutions, the new Telescope Clamp D40/D30 fixes a Profile Tube D30 that has been slotted inside another Profile Tube at the desired length. This ensures accessories can be adjusted to different gradients or heights. It is also an ideal and convenient solution for building adjustable and fold-away elements.
More organisation! The versatile Container Profile D30 organises semi-open fronted boxes with mounting lugs, Parts Containers and Grab Containers. It is ideal for a whole range of uses and systems.
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