New Products 2016/I (Spring)

Lean Production Building Kit System
New inclination! The new Ball Joint Butt Fastener D30 connects the end faces of two Profiles D30 at any angle. As a result, it can turn the outer Tubes of a transport trolley into angled grips for pulling or pushing the equipment around. Angled outer edges also make it easier to pass through strip curtains.
New size! Lots of things run more smoothly with the new Roller Conveyor St 60x24 D15. Its combination of low height and wide rollers make it ideal for most transported goods. The robust Roller Conveyor is easy to install. What’s more, it is also easy to fit with Guide Rail e 4, which along with  Fastening Profile D30-60 gives the Roller Conveyor additional rigidity.
New restraint! Controlling speed on Roller Conveyor 6 40x40 is the speciality of the new Braking Castor D30-23. It slows down crates and goods according to their travel speed. Depending on their weight, they can be very accurately slowed down to prevent major impacts at the Limit Stop.
New material! Profile Tube System D30 now comes in carbon! The extrememly torsion-resistant Tube D30x1.5 CFRP combines low weight with maximum strength! It is ideal for weight-optimised applications in production and intralogistics.
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