New Products 2013/II (Autumn)

LP Building Kit System
The new products in the LP Building Kit System deliver better freedom of movement and added speed. Release Unit D30 can be used to build customised shooters for the automatic loading and unloading of workstations. Transport containers are safely transported and unloaded at the right place thanks to selective actuation. As a result, a tugger train can serve numerous stations at the same time.
The new Roller Conveyor 6 40x40 is supplied ready for installation and is ideal for conveyor lines that handle heavy loads. Its rigid aluminium profile exhibits barely any deflection, even over long stretches. Side Guide Rails made from aluminium keep workpieces and crates safely on track and boost the rigidity of the roller conveyor by up to 50 percent. Castors can also be replaced individually without having to first remove others.
Profile Tube D30 can now be ordered in a handy length of 3000 mm. And if you want to make things as difficult as possible for dirt and dust, the new Cover Profile will safely cover over the channel in Profile Tube D30. That makes cleaning work a lot easier.
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