Installation Profile accessories

Power, compressed air, data network access – all from a single, central point. The item Installation Profiles are the robust and versatile solution for routing supply lines right up to workstations.
The sturdy Installation Column Profile features two large cable conduits and the Installation Profile one spacious cable conduit, all of which can be divided in two using Partition Profiles K76 K to route high and low voltage lines separately in line with EN 50174.
The opening on the conduits also holds Mounting Boxes in place. Mounting Boxes are simply plugged into place where needed. These Mounting Boxes can be used to install network connections, couplings for CEE three-phase plug connectors and conventional sockets at the desired positions. Each side features two Line 8 grooves for mounting accessories.
Two integral aluminium ducts can be used to convey compressed air. The outlets for these lines can be implemented at any height with Pneumatic Connection Set 8 160 G1/2 (0.0.663.45).
Open sections of the cable conduit can be sealed to keep out dust by fitting the corresponding aluminium Cover Profile K76 (0.0.663.40). Locking Clips ensure a secure hold and grounding.
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