Proximity Switches

Proximity Switch M8 is a universal device for limiting the terminal position or for reference on Linear Units with timing-belt drives. It is available with a permanent or detachable connecting cable.
The Proximity-Switch Cam is used to mark the terminal positions or reference point of the Linear Unit on the timing belt.
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Proximity Switch M8

Proximity Switch M8, Plug Connection

Proximity-Switch Connecting Cable

Proximity-Switch Fastening Set 8

Proximity-Switch Cam 8, black

Proximity Switch 8 - 1NC

Proximity Switch 8 - 1NO

Limit-Switch Holder KRF 8

Proximity Switch KLE 6 60x60 - 1NO

Proximity Switch KLE 6 60x60 - 1NC

Proximity Switch KLE 8 80x80 - 1NO

Proximity Switch KLE 8 80x80 - 1NC


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