Profile St

Resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.
Special tasks require special materials. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel in the tried-and-tested design of Profiles 8 from the item MB Building Kit System opens up a whole range of additional applications for the construction of production facilities. Line St 8 Profiles combine the universality of the building kit with an alternative material.
The stainless steel (V2A) used in Profiles St 8 is resistant to acids and chemicals. It is also physiologically safe and can therefore be used for items that come into contact with foodstuffs. The steel’s high-grade, smooth surfaces are also easy to clean.
And even temperatures of 200°C and above do not impair the strength of the Profiles and fastening elements.
Conductive profile connections with tried-and-tested fastening technology.
This is where the building kit principle is used to great advantage. In just a short time, it is possible to create even complex structures without any special knowledge or tools. The fastening techniques are easy to learn and quick to apply, with reliable results. Conductive materials and surfaces make it far easier to construct earthed and ESD-safe structures.
Fully compatible with the elements of the item MB Building Kit System.
Profiles St 8 are a further addition to the comprehensive MB Building Kit System. When designing these Profiles, particular attention was paid to ensuring their compatibility with the kit’s modular elements. For example, all major proven components in Line 8, such as multiblocks, can be used without any restrictions whatsoever.
Special accessories for Profiles St 8 increase the number of applications still further. In terms of material selection and load-carrying capacity, they fit in perfectly with the features of stainless steel profiles. The focus is primarily on corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.
Also suitable for welding in special applications.
A further advantage of Profiles St 8 is the fact that they are easy to weld. When necessary, they can be welded firmly and permanently together or to other frame elements. This creates load-bearing structures that combine all the advantages of steel and profile-based building techniques. The profile groove forms a universal slot, significantly increasing the flexibility of the entire structure – during both assembly and in subsequent use.
Existing screw connections can also be subsequently welded, thereby increasing their load-carrying capacity and ensuring that any definitive position arrived at following adjustments can be made permanent.

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