New Products 2013/II (Autumn)

Work Bench System
The new products in the item Work Bench System save time and energy. Work bench 4 E FIFO features a stable frame for integrated roller conveyors that simplify FIFO picking. The work bench can be configured as required in next to no time thanks to our Online Product Configurator. As with all work benches from item, the 4 E FIFO also comes with a height-adjustment system.
Integrated power and data routing is what makes Profile 8 160x60 4N K56 stand out from the crowd. Used as a column in a table upright, this profile offers space for integrated plug sockets and telephone and network connections, thus ensuring the work bench is perfectly equipped and nobody gets tangled in cables.
 The new light fittings from item boast the very latest in LED technology. Whether additional light is required over the whole work bench, around a particular machine or for a magnifier – item offers energy-efficient models for all needs. The new lighting range includes fittings in several sizes and a wide range of accessories.


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Table Frame 4 E 1200 FIFO

Table Frame 4 E 1500 FIFO

Table Frame 4 E 1800 FIFO

Table Upright K56 1200

Table Upright K56 1500

Table Upright K56 1800

Label Profile 8 40 E, grey/transparent

Delivery unit
1 pce., length 2000 mm

Label Profile 8 40 E-160, grey/transparent

Profile 8 160x60 4N K56, natural

Delivery unit
cut-off max. 6000 mm
Delivery unit
1 pce., length 6000 mm

Distribution Strip Insert RJ45 K56

Distribution Strip Insert USB K56

Waste Bin 35l

Delivery unit
1 set

Waste Sack 35l, black

Delivery unit
1 roll of 20 Sacks

Cable Guide Profile 8 40x16, grey similar to RAL 7042

LED Illuminated Magnifier D150

LED Machine Light Fitting 6W 40x40x240

LED Machine Light Fitting 12W 40x40x415

LED Machine Light Fitting 18W 40x40x590

LED Machine Light Fitting 24W 40x40x765

LED Machine Light Fitting 30W 40x40x940

LED Machine Light Fitting 5W 25x20x120

Connecting Cable, LED Machine Light Fitting

LED Light Fitting 15W 80x32x300

LED Light Fitting 30W 80x32x550

Connecting Cable, LED Light Fitting

Electronic Transformer LED 30W 24V

Electronic Transformer LED 75W 24V

Extension Cable, LED Light Fitting

Two-way LED Splitter

Six-way LED Splitter

Wireless LED Dimmer Remote

Wireless LED Dimmer Receiver


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