Light Fitting 55W

  • Bright working light that meets the highest safety standards
  • Extremely easy to position thanks to pivot function
  • Flexible connection concept for power supply

Lamp 35W

  • For targeted precision lighting
  • Water and dust-resistant housing (IP 67)

LED Machine Light Fitting

  • Compact working light for use anywhere
  • LED light fitting generates very little heat
  • Water and dust-resistant housing (IP67)

Light Fitting 11W

  • Energy-saving long-term lighting
  • Runs on safety low voltage
  • Flicker-free light thanks to Lamp-Control Unit
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Light Fitting 55W, 230V

Light Fitting 55W, 120V

Compact Lamp 55W

Delivery unit
1 pce.

Connecting Cable, Socket / Earthed Plug, black

Socket, Spring-Force Connected, black

Adapter, Socket / Plug, black

Extension Cable, Socket / Plug, black

Plug, Spring-Force Connected, black

Polycarbonate Protective Panel

LED Illuminated Magnifier D150

LED Machine Light Fitting 6W 40x40x240

LED Machine Light Fitting 12W 40x40x415

LED Machine Light Fitting 18W 40x40x590

LED Machine Light Fitting 24W 40x40x765

LED Machine Light Fitting 30W 40x40x940

LED Machine Light Fitting 5W 25x20x120

Connecting Cable, LED Machine Light Fitting

LED Light Fitting 15W 80x32x300

LED Light Fitting 30W 80x32x550

Connecting Cable, LED Light Fitting

Electronic Transformer LED 30W 24V

Electronic Transformer LED 75W 24V

Extension Cable, LED Light Fitting

Two-way LED Splitter

Six-way LED Splitter

Wireless LED Dimmer Remote

Wireless LED Dimmer Receiver

Spotlight 6W LED 10°

Spotlight 6W LED 35°

Spotlight 6W LED 10° with Flexible Tube

Spotlight 6W LED 35° with Flexible Tube


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