L-Based Feet

L-Based Feet

  • For heavy-duty and non-movable equipment
  • For fastening to walls and floors

L-Based Foot X 8 adjustable

  • Compatible with Profiles X
  • Easy to compensate for unevenness in the floor
  • Easy-to-clean design

L-Based Foot 8-12

  • Extremely stable and extremely flexible
  • Secure floor anchoring of construction
  • Ideal for fastening machinery that has already been installed and aligned
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L-Based Foot 6 adjustable

L-Based Foot 6 non-adjustable

L-Based Foot 8 adjustable

L-Based Foot 8 non-adjustable, black

L-Based Foot X 8 adjustable

L-Based Foot 8-12 240x100, white aluminium, similar to RAL 9006

Floor Bracket Set 8 160x60x40 St

Floor Bracket Set 8 160x60x80 St


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