Angle elements

Angle Elements T1

  • Latticework reinforcement for profile constructions
  • Profile connection at a 45° angle

Angle Elements T2

  • Connect two profiles at a 45° angle
  • Latticework design produces greater stability

Angle Fasteners

  • Support struts at a 45° angle
  • No mitre cut necessary
  • Can be retrofitted
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Angle Element 6 T1-30, natural

Angle Element 8 T1-40, natural

Angle Element 6 T1-60, natural

Angle Element 8 T1-80, natural

Angle Element 6 T2-30, natural

Angle Element 8 T2-40, natural

Angle Element 6 T2-60, natural

Angle Element 8 T2-80, natural

Angle Fastener 6 30x30-45°

Angle Fastener 8 40x40-45°

Angle Fastener 8 80x40-45°/80

Angle Fastener 8 80x40-45°/40


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