Friction Joint 8, Standard Swivel Joint

Friction Joint 8, Standard Swivel Joint


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Special features:
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Delivery unit
Scale limit
1 pce.
on application

on application

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Friction Joint 8, Standard Swivel Joint


Delivery Unit
1 pce.
M = 45 Nm
m = 503 g
ESD = Yes
Friction Joint 8, Standard Swivel Joint


2 Friction Joints
2 mounting plates, Al, natural
2 Button-Head Screws M8x22, St, bright zinc-plated
Notes on Use and Installation
The Friction Joints in the standard Pivot Arms from item ensure that the supporting strut holds firm, moves smoothly and can be brought safely to a halt. Individual Friction Joints can be connected together with Profiles 8 to create customised solutions. When building such solutions, it is important to take note of the load limitations imposed by the leverage in the pivot arms. Single and double swivel joints are available.
The braking action of the Friction Joints is easily adjusted and remains consistent over an extended period of use. The radius of swivel is 360°.
The maximum moment load for a Standard Swivel Joint and End Swivel Joint is 45 Nm, while Double Swivel Joint 40 can carry loads of up to 60 Nm and the Double Swivel Joint 80 can accommodate 200 Nm.


Assembly instruction(902 KB)


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Friction Joint 8, Standard Swivel Joint


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