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ESD Equipment

ESD Equipment
The safe dissipation of electrostatic discharges (ESD) is a basic requirement for modern work benches. Static charges can affect or even destroy measuring devices, factory equipment and of course electronic circuits in a workpiece. A work bench concept must take into account all the components involved in a process and incorporate the people who will be carrying out the work. That is why item offers a wide selection of ESD-safe components including table tops and frames. Special accessories also provide additional protection.
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ESD Table Mat DK10
ESD Table Mat DK10 1 pce. 0.0.633.96
ESD Earthing Terminal, 3 x DK10
ESD Earthing Terminal, 3 x DK10 1 pce. 0.0.636.27
ESD Earthing Plug, 3 x DK10
ESD Earthing Plug, 3 x DK10 1 pce. 0.0.636.26
ESD Wristband DK10
ESD Wristband DK10 1 pce. 0.0.631.69
ESD Drag Chain
ESD Drag Chain 1 set 0.0.671.88