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Accessories for SystemMobiles

Individual right down to the smallest detail
Work materials have to adapt to the work at hand – not the other way round. That is why SystemMobiles can be configured to suit the specific features of the production system where they are being used – no matter how often that production system changes. The design of item SystemMobiles offers maximum freedom when it comes to positioning Shelves and holders, which can be easily extended or repositioned as and when necessary.
Thanks to the item Profile 8 system groove, a range of provisioning levels can be configured at the required height. Practical components make it far easier for users to create ergonomic material supply systems at the workplace.
Container Support: This fixed hanger enables users to quickly change semi-open fronted boxes holding materials. The Container Support profile has two edges and can therefore be used on both sides. It can be fastened at a fixed right angle or at an incline of up to 15° to either side, which makes it easier for personnel to pick components and parts. The item Profile 8 system groove on the Container Support profile can also accommodate tools and accessories.
Tray: The raised edge of the Tray keeps boxes and workpieces in place during transport and when the Tray is fitted at an angle. The angle adjustment system enables users to precisely calibrate material feed and create an ergonomic working environment. Shelf: These stable Shelves from item are a simple solution for storing boxes. Unlike the Tray, they have no edging and can be used as open storage surfaces.
Transport castors: The stable D125 transport castors ensure that SystemMobiles offer outstanding manoeuvrability, while double-brakes hold the trolleys in place precisely where they are needed. SystemMobiles that are ordered in ESD-safe versions are fitted with the corresponding electrostatically dissipative castors.  
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Handle Al 350
Handle Al 350 1 set 0.0.644.01
Handle Al 550
Handle Al 550 1 set 0.0.644.02
Handle Al 750
Handle Al 750 1 set 0.0.644.03
Handle T4
Handle T4 1 set 0.0.646.81
Handle T6
Handle T6 1 set 0.0.646.82
Handle T8
Handle T8 1 set 0.0.646.83
Tray 6x4 ESD F
Tray 6x4 ESD F 1 set 0.0.645.89
Tray 8x6 ESD F
Tray 8x6 ESD F 1 set 0.0.645.88
Tray 6x4 ESD A
Tray 6x4 ESD A 1 set 0.0.645.95
Tray 8x6 ESD A
Tray 8x6 ESD A 1 set 0.0.645.97
Mobile Shelf Support 8
Mobile Shelf Support 8 1 set 0.0.642.79
Strut L-T6
Strut L-T6 1 set 0.0.646.74
Strut L-T8
Strut L-T8 1 set 0.0.646.76
Strut Set U4
Strut Set U4 1 set 0.0.646.72
Strut Set U6
Strut Set U6 1 set 0.0.646.73
Strut Set U8
Strut Set U8 1 set 0.0.646.75
Shelf St 6x4
Shelf St 6x4 1 set 0.0.646.40
Shelf St 8x6
Shelf St 8x6 1 set 0.0.646.41
Container Support L-T6 F
Container Support L-T6 F 1 set 0.0.646.32
Container Support L-T8 F
Container Support L-T8 F 1 set 0.0.646.30
Container Support L-T6 A
Container Support L-T6 A 1 set 0.0.646.31
Container Support L-T8 A
Container Support L-T8 A 1 set 0.0.646.29