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New Products 2015/II (Autumn)

New Products 2015/II (Autumn)
Line XMS
New size! Thanks to Double Door Stop Set 8 – XMS users can now build generous double doors without having to incorporate inconvenient centre posts. This world-first from item holds the passive door in place when the active door is closed. Only one lock is required – there is no need to open or close an additional latch.
New shape! Thanks to the new XMS profiles with a 45° angle users can build eight-sided housings that ensure all the areas on a rotary indexing table can be easily accessed, for example. Profiles X 8 45° – XMS are compatible with Line XMS and offer all the benefits associated with the product line, such as integrated cable conduits and an inside groove for a continuous all-round door seal.
New outer face! The compact Profiles X 8 90° – XMS feature a gentle curvature on the outer edge instead of a right angle. That gives them a stunning, elegant look and eliminates sharp corners.
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