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New Products 2015/II (Autumn)

New Products 2015/II (Autumn)
Work Bench System
Fast, sharp but safe! Applying packaging tape and cutting it in one fluid motion, that’s what the item Packaging Tape Dispenser does. Its rubber-coated roller stops air bubbles forming under the tape and is gentle on packaged goods. When depressed, the transparent guard automatically releases the integrated cutting blade, which is safely covered over when not required.
Fast and dissipated! When fitted to item SystemMobiles and mobile racks the new ESD Drag Chain made from stainless steel protects against electrostatic discharge. Permanent contact with the ESD-safe floor safely dissipates any static charge. The Drag Chain cleans itself while on the move, so that it can be relied on to do its job even in dusty working environments.
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ESD Drag Chain
ESD Drag Chain 1 set 0.0.671.88
Packaging Tape Dispenser
Packaging Tape Dispenser 1 pce. 0.0.668.91