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Floor Elements

Floor Elements
Floor elements from item offer everything you need for a secure footing or for moving machinery and factory equipment easily from place to place. These elements include:
 > Adjustable Feet for jigs, machines and enclosures
 > Castors for apparatus, transport trolleys and other mobile applications
 > Fastening elements for securely anchoring any structure to the ground or wall
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Castor D125 fixed 140x110
Castor D125 fixed 140x110 1 pce. 0.0.667.26
Castor D160 swivel 140x110
Castor D160 swivel 140x110 1 pce. 0.0.667.29
Castor D200 fixed 140x110
Castor D200 fixed 140x110 1 pce. 0.0.667.39