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New Products 2014/II (Autumn)

New Products 2014/II (Autumn)
LP Building Kit System
Welcome to the new lean movement! Drawbar D25-686 connects carriages to allow you to move more products in a train. The self-lifting Drawbar is particularly ergonomic and features a stable spring that constantly pushes the Drawbar up so that users can use their feet – and spare their backs – when coupling and uncoupling carriages.
Plain Bearing D40/D30 makes low-cost automation (LCA) easier than ever. Thanks to Plain Bearings, users can now build frames with elements that can be rotated and moved. This simplifies manual activities such as loading and unloading and returning empty containers.
The innovative Roller Conveyor 6 also keeps work moving fast. It is now available with wider rollers that are ideal for transporting crates and boxes with uneven or soft bottoms. New Fastening Brackets make the Roller Conveyor even more secure and ensure a stable hold.
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Profile Tube 8 D30, natural
Profile Tube 8 D30, natural cut-off max. 6000 mm 0.0.663.94
Butt Fastener D30-90° R25
Butt Fastener D30-90° R25 1 set 0.0.662.12
Butt Fastener D30-45°
Butt Fastener D30-45° 1 set 0.0.662.15
Butt Fastener D30-180°
Butt Fastener D30-180° 1 set 0.0.662.05
Back Stop D4-23
Back Stop D4-23 1 set 0.0.659.05
Back Stop D2.8-25
Back Stop D2.8-25 1 set 0.0.666.67
Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 E D30
Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 E D30 cut-off max. 6000 mm 0.0.667.52
Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 E D30 ESD
Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 E D30 ESD cut-off max. 6000 mm 0.0.667.53
Roller D30-63 ESD, black
Roller D30-63 ESD, black 1 pce. 0.0.664.42
Axle D4x69, stainless
Axle D4x69, stainless 1 pce. 0.0.662.37
Locking Ring D30
Locking Ring D30 1 set 0.0.664.50
Plain Bearing D40/D30-50 ESD
Plain Bearing D40/D30-50 ESD 1 set 0.0.665.36
Profile Tube D40/D30, natural
Profile Tube D40/D30, natural cut-off max. 6000 mm 0.0.666.63
Drawbar D25-686, Self-Lifting
Drawbar D25-686, Self-Lifting 1 set 0.0.664.12
Drawbar D25-686
Drawbar D25-686 1 set 0.0.664.13
Drawbar Stop 32
Drawbar Stop 32 1 set 0.0.661.14
Drawbar Coupling D25-74
Drawbar Coupling D25-74 1 pce. 0.0.661.87
Drawbar Locking Lever 38
Drawbar Locking Lever 38 1 set 0.0.660.96
Spring Clip D30/30-32
Spring Clip D30/30-32 1 pce. 0.0.660.98