Work Bench System

Work Bench System
More organisation! These additions to the item hook and holder system offer even more efficient ways to organise your tools and equipment. The new Container Holder 8 holds inherently stable containers safely in place. Single Hooks 8 and Double hook 8 are ideal for hanging up tools with corresponding eyes and items of clothing.
More light! State-of-the-art LED technology and maximum safety are the hallmarks of the item Spotlights 6W LED. The housing is dust-tight to IP 65 and protected against jets of water from all directions. The Spotlights are very bright, with a lighting strength of 20,000 Lux.
More flexibility! To provide flexible lighting options for working areas, Spotlights 6W LED with Flexible Tube feature a movable fixing.
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Single Hook 8 40x20, grey

Single Hook 8 40x20, black

Single Hook 8 80x20, grey

Single Hook 8 80x20, black

Double Hook 8 80x20, grey

Double Hook 8 80x20, black

Pliers Holder 8 60x30, grey

Pliers Holder 8 60x30, black

Container Holder 8 160, grey

Container Holder 8 160, black

Spotlight 6W LED 10°

Delivery unit
1 set
Available soon

Spotlight 6W LED 35°

Delivery unit
1 set
Available soon

Spotlight 6W LED 10° with Flexible Tube

Spotlight 6W LED 35° with Flexible Tube


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