Tool handling

Strong backing for back-friendly solutions – item becomes the first and only manufacturer of industrial work benches to receive the AGR seal of approval. This means our Work Bench System is certified to the stringent ergonomic requirements laid down by the committee of experts at the Campaign for Healthy Backs (AGR e.V.). That’s good news for you and for sustainable preventive approaches to protecting any company’s most valuable resource – its workforce.
New, innovative accessories for the work bench – the item range of holders. Whether hooks, holders, tool holders or magnetic holders – we have thought of everything! Choose the right solution for your work bench from a wide range of mounting accessories. The universal fastening system is suitable for all Line 8 profiles.
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Tool Pivot Arm 8 80-370

Tool Double Pivot Arm 8 80-695

Hook 8 40x20, black

Hook 8 40x20, grey

Hook 8 40x40, black

Hook 8 40x40, grey

Hook 8 80x20, black

Hook 8 80x20, grey

Hook 8 80x40, black

Hook 8 80x40, grey

Holder 8 240x80, black

Holder 8 240x80, grey

Holder 8 D80, black

Holder 8 D80, grey

Container D80

Delivery unit
1 pce.

Hook 8 R30, black

Delivery unit
1 set

Hook 8 R40, black

Delivery unit
1 set

Cloth Holder 8, black

Cloth Holder 8, grey

Cup Holder 8, black

Cup Holder 8, grey

Bottle Holder 8, black

Bottle Holder 8, grey

Bottle Holder 8 Insert, black

Bottle Holder 8 Insert, grey

Tool Holder D120

Delivery unit
1 set

Label Backplate, Hook and Holder System, black

Label Backplate, Hook and Holder System, grey

Tool Holder D70 Container

Tool Holder D70 Container ESD

Tool Holder D70 Screwdriver

Tool Holder D70 Screwdriver ESD

Tool Holder D70 Pliers

Tool Holder D70 Pliers ESD

Magnetic Holder D70

Holder Support D70, black

Holder Support D70-30°, black

Holder Console D70

Delivery unit
1 pce.

Magnetic Holder 8, grey similar to RAL 7042

Runner 8 80x40

Delivery unit
1 set

Runner 8, black

Delivery unit
1 pce.

Slide Stop 8

Delivery unit
1 set

Spring Hook 60 D6, stainless

Spring Hook 80 D8, stainless

Tool Balancer 0.4-1 kg

Tool Balancer 1-2 kg

Tool Balancer 2-3 kg

Spiral Hose for Tool Balancers 2 x D10 mm

Tool Holder 8, black

Delivery unit
1 set = 10 elements

Delivery unit
1 pce.

Single Hook 8 40x20, grey

Single Hook 8 40x20, black

Single Hook 8 80x20, grey

Single Hook 8 80x20, black

Double Hook 8 80x20, grey

Double Hook 8 80x20, black

Pliers Holder 8 60x30, grey

Pliers Holder 8 60x30, black

Container Holder 8 160, grey

Container Holder 8 160, black


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