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Cable and Hose Fasteners

Cable and Hose Fasteners

Universal Holder 8

  • Simple cable fastener for constructions with Line 8 grooves
  • No additional screws required
  • Anchor point for cable ties

Universal Holder

  • Anchor point for cable ties
  • Mounting with Countersunk Screw
  • Suitable for all profile lines and panel elements

Universal Holder with Securing Strap 8 180

  • Secure cables and hoses with a 180 mm-long hook-and-loop strap
  • Safe for use with cables and easily released
  • Fastened directly to a Line 8 groove via a central screw

Holder for Cables and Hoses

  • Two fittings for fixing in place cables and hoses up to a diameter of 12 mm
  • O-rings ensure a secure and gentle hold
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