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New Products 2015/II (Autumn)

New Products 2015/II (Autumn)
Lean Production Building Kit System
Protect against impacts and scratches! Protective Profile D30 R28-90° features an air-filled chamber that deforms on impact to absorb collision energy. Afterwards, it returns to its original shape thanks to the use of plastic with durable elasticity. Separate lengths of this item innovation each cover one flank of a profile to ensure all other areas can be accessed.
Protect profiles and transported goods! The Roller D46/D30-20 uses profiles D30 as an axle and features the same transport height as the item roller conveyors. As a result, it supports the transition between stretches of roller conveyor with different gradients or can be used to provide lateral guidance.
Protect against tangled cables! Thanks to Universal Holder D30 can be used to route cables and lines securely along a Profile Tube. Simply clip it into place and it holds firm without any drilling, screws or adhesive.
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