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Table Frame 2 F 1200

Art. No.: 0.0.639.33
Table Frame 2 F 1200
Table Frame 2 F 1200
Table Frame 2 F 1200
Table Frame 2 F 1200
Special features:
Line   = Work Bench System
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 32 kg
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item Work Bench System New Products Spring 2011
The new item work bench system
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item New Products Spring 2011
Ergonomic work bench systems, the new Line D30 and innovative enhancements for the MB Building Kit System.
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Work bench designed for disabled users - Article EX-01069This work bench has been optimised for use by operators who need to sit down frequently due to a physical disability.

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Work bench interlinking - Article EX-01080This work bench scenario is one example of how three workstations can be interlinked using an integrated material picking rack. Production parts move rapidly along roller conveyors between work benches to precisely where they are needed.

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Manual work bench with Karakuri material supply systemErgonomic material supply: This work bench features a Karakuri mechanism that makes it easy to restock, return empties and change the direction of small load carriers.

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Mobile, folding work benchThis ultra-mobile work bench can be folded up to a compact size and moved around easily “on its back” using the castors.

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customs tariff number 76042100

The item work bench 2 F – the basic variant in the cost-efficient work bench range.
This slimline table with two supporting feet offers users very generous legroom. Sitting and standing heights are infinitely adjustable via a manual system. Work bench 2 F has load-bearing table columns at the rear.  These carry the table top on profiled steel supports. The height of the table is adjusted via the position of the table top supports. The working surface can accommodate loads of up to 1,500 N.
Select from three possible widths, two depths and four different working surfaces – including an ESD-safe option – to create your own customised work bench 2 F from our standard portfolio.
Accessories for power and data supply, lighting, material and information provision help to transform work bench 2 F into a modular, ergonomic work bench system that can also be integrated directly into production lines.
A new Cable Duct that has been specially developed for work bench 2 F is available as an optional accessory. It is fitted between the table columns.
The table top can be fitted directly over the table columns (d = 0) or in front of the columns (d = 160 mm). The latter option means that Cable Duct E can then be fitted between the columns. If the work bench is to be height adjustable, the table top must be fitted in front of the columns.