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Compound Slide Overhang 1800

Art. No.: 0.0.652.36
Compound Slide Overhang 1800
Compound Slide Overhang 1800
Compound Slide Overhang 1800
Compound Slide Overhang 1800
Special features:
Runway Profile 8 40x40
Profile 8 40x40 light
Diagonal strut 8 300x30, St, powder-coated white aluminium
Runway Slide Set 8 40x40
Tool slide 8 40x40
Fastening elements
Line   = Work Bench System
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 11.4 kg
Accessories for Compound Slide Overhang 1800
Product Order No. Quantity
Tool Balancer 0.4-1 kg Tool Balancer 0.4-1 kg 0.0.631.84 1 pce.
Tool Balancer 1-2 kg Tool Balancer 1-2 kg 0.0.636.48 1 pce.
Tool Balancer 2-3 kg Tool Balancer 2-3 kg 0.0.649.96 1 pce.
Spiral Hose for Tool Balancers 2 x D10 mm Spiral Hose for Tool Balancers 2 x D10 mm 0.0.650.67 1 set
Spring Hook 60 D6, stainless Spring Hook 60 D6, stainless 0.0.619.68 1 pce.
Spring Hook 80 D8, stainless Spring Hook 80 D8, stainless 0.0.619.70 1 pce.
Compound Slide Compound Slide 0.0.654.39 1 set
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item Work Bench Systems New Products Autumn 2012
The Work Bench System from item can now make your production operations even more productive.
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Mobile work bench for work bench interlinking - Art. no. EX-01095This mobile work bench has a number of key features. It has an integrated roller conveyor for material flow to a work bench interlinking system.

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Work bench 4 E with Upright and Compound Slide Overhang - Art. no. EX-01107This design combines a work bench featuring an electrical height-adjustment system with a material trolley that is also height adjustable.

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UNSPSC 7.0 56111902
UNSPSC 9.0 56111902
customs tariff number 84879090

Everything good comes from on high. The Compound Slide Overhang makes work easier with a smooth-running hanger that allows operators to position tools and feed lines anywhere over the table top and then park them close by when not in use.
The Compound Slide Overhang is mounted on an Upright fitted to an item work bench E or F. As a result, the height of the Overhang from the working surface can be adjusted to suit requirements. The groove running along the top of the Compound Slide Overhang can be used for installing accessories such as item Light Fitting 36W for lighting up the work area.
This improves ergonomics at the work bench and prevents constrained posture during repetitive activities.
Tool Balancers and Spiral Hoses available from item offer versatile options for securing tools to the Compound Slide.