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Universal-Fastening Set 12, bright zinc-plated

Art. No.:
Universal-Fastening Set 12, bright zinc-plated
Universal-Fastening Set 12, bright zinc-plated
Universal-Fastening Set 12, bright zinc-plated
Universal-Fastening Set 12, bright zinc-plated
Special features:
Universal Fastener 12, die-cast zinc
Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw DIN 7984-M12x45, St
Washer DIN 433-13, St
T-Slot Nut 12 St M12
Line   = line 12
Property   = bright zinc-plated
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Torque, bright zinc-plated Mbz-p = 60 Nm
Weight m = 155 g
Services Order No. Quantity
Connection Processing, Stepped Bore D30x24 1 pce.
Tools Order No. Quantity
L-Key 8 A/F L-Key 8 A/F 1 pce.
Ball-Headed Key 8 A/F Ball-Headed Key 8 A/F 0.0.480.34 1 pce.
Key Insert 8 A/F-1/2″ Key Insert 8 A/F-1/2″ 0.0.674.76 1 pce.
Description Date Filesize
Finding the right fastener fast
01.09.2015 2 MB
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item Universal-Fastening Set
The Universal Fastener is a right-angled and power-locking aluminium profile connector which can be moved.
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customs tariff number 83024200

For universal power-lock connection of all profiles of one Line. Suitable for profiles which need to be moved subsequently, since only one profile is processed. The profile attached using the Universal-Fastening Set can be moved along the profile groove. These Fastening Sets can be installed easily into existing constructions.
Where required, the anti-torsion pin of the Universal Fastener can be broken off at a specified breakpoint. This Universal-Fastening Set can thus also be used to secure profiles to e.g. panels.
Universal-Fastening Sets should always be used in pairs.