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Tool Holder D70 Container ESD

Art. No.: 0.0.653.29
Tool Holder D70 Container ESD
Tool Holder D70 Container ESD
Tool Holder D70 Container ESD
Tool Holder D70 Container ESD
Special features:
Tool Holder D70 Container, PUR, black
Line   = Work Bench System
Delivery Unit   = 1 pce.
Antistatic   = Yes
Weight m = 79 g
Accessories for Tool Holder D70 Container ESD
Product Order No. Quantity
Holder Support D70, black Holder Support D70, black 0.0.648.36 1 set
Holder Support D70-30°, black Holder Support D70-30°, black 0.0.648.40 1 set
Holder Console D70 Holder Console D70 0.0.649.26 1 pce.
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item Work Bench Systems New Products Autumn 2012
The Work Bench System from item can now make your production operations even more productive.
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customs tariff number 39269097

Handy and ingenious – the Tool Holders made of polyurethane structural foam make it easy to organise your workspace.
Three different variants are available for a variety of purposes.
The classic Container shape is ideal for pens and small objects.
The inside of Tool Holder D70 Screwdriver is shaped like a funnel, making it easy for users to insert and remove screwdrivers and keys without a second thought.
Tool Holder D70 Pliers has two integrated angle-adjustable surfaces that keep your pliers at the perfect angle. As a result, the tool automatically slides into the ideal position for removal, even if it is not put back in the holder carefully.
By ensuring tools can be removed and replaced with the greatest of ease, these holders cut assembly times and take the strain off personnel by eliminating unnecessary exertion in the arms and joints. The robust but flexible material also cuts noise levels.
The internal shapes of the various Holders D70 have been optimised to accommodate different tools.