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SystemMobile Frame T42M

Art. No.: 0.0.646.63
SystemMobile Frame T42M
SystemMobile Frame T42M
SystemMobile Frame T42M
SystemMobile Frame T42M
Special features:
SystemMobile frame without Swivel Castors
Line   = Work Bench System
Delivery Unit   = 1 pce.
Antistatic   = Yes
Weight m = 20.0 kg
Accessories for SystemMobile Frame T42M
Product Order No. Quantity
Castor D125 swivel with double-brake antistatic Castor D125 swivel with double-brake antistatic 0.0.418.11 1 pce.
Castor D125 swivel with double-brake Castor D125 swivel with double-brake 0.0.418.10 1 pce.
Container Support L-T6 F Container Support L-T6 F 0.0.646.32 1 set
Container Support L-T6 A Container Support L-T6 A 0.0.646.31 1 set
Shelf St 6x4 Shelf St 6x4 0.0.646.40 1 set
Strut L-T6 Strut L-T6 0.0.646.74 1 set
Tray 6x4 ESD A Tray 6x4 ESD A 0.0.645.95 1 set
Tray 6x4 ESD F Tray 6x4 ESD F 0.0.645.89 1 set
Handle T4 Handle T4 0.0.646.81 1 set
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item New Products Autumn 2011
Ergonomic work bench systems, the new Line D30 and innovative enhancements for the MB Building Kit System.
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item Work Bench Systems New Products Autumn 2011
The best organisers are extremely flexible - exactly like the new item SystemMobiles.
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item SystemMobiles
item SystemMobiles - partners for versatile picking and provisioning
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UNSPSC 7.0 24101706
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customs tariff number 76042100

The two central vertical struts make SystemMobiles T the ideal trolleys for small parts and tool provisioning. The symmetrical design enables easy removal and filling on both sides. As a result, one SystemMobile T can be shared between two work benches.
Each solid strut incorporates three Profile 8 grooves that can be used to attach shelves and other accessories. An optional horizontal strut gives the transport trolley added stability. SystemMobiles T are available with double the frame depth to increase the transport capacity and enable users to move even long workpieces.
The four smooth-running castors are fitted with double-brakes so that they remain safely in place when in stationary use. Each load-carrying level can support 40 kg. The recommended maximum transport weight is 200 kg. SystemMobiles T are also available in ESD-safe versions.