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Standard-Fastening Set 8 K

Art. No.: 0.0.488.07
Standard-Fastening Set 8 K
Standard-Fastening Set 8 K
Standard-Fastening Set 8 K
Standard-Fastening Set 8 K
Special features:
Spacer, POM, black
Washer ISO 7089-8, St, bright zinc-plated
Button-Head Screw ISO 7380-M8x20, St, bright zinc-plated
Line   = line 8
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Torque M = 25 Nm
Weight m = 11 g
Description Date Filesize
Finding the right fastener fast
01.09.2015 2 MB
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item Standard-Fastening Set
The Standard Fastener is a right-angled, power-locking connection for aluminium profiles with a high strength and an optimum load application.
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customs tariff number 83024200

Special version of the Standard-Fastening Set
Standard-Fastening Set 8 K is a special version of the proven Standard-Fastening Set. It is employed for right-angled connection of Line 8 Profiles in which the profile grooves are used for holding panel elements.
Panel elements may be fitted in the profile groove without processing
Panel elements can be slid into the profile groove without needing cutouts in the corners.
Profile grooves remain free for accessories
Standard-Fastening Set 8 K occupies very little space in the profile groove. This leaves the grooves on both sides free for installation of accessories.
Straightforward assembly
The plastic spacer positions the fastening screw and a washer in the groove so that the profiles are correctly oriented when married. This makes handling easier and cuts assembly time.
The required thread is cut directly into the core bore of the profiles.
Due to the change in the way the screw is supported, the load-carrying capacity is lower than with the conventional Standard-Fastening Set.
We recommend that panel elements be inserted to a depth of 10 mm into a Profile 8 groove.