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Slide Strip 10 antistatic, black

Art. No.: 0.0.625.28
Slide Strip 10 antistatic, black
Slide Strip 10 antistatic, black
Slide Strip 10 antistatic, black
Slide Strip 10 antistatic, black
Special features:
Line   = line 10
Material   = PE-UHMW
Property   = black
Delivery Unit   = 1 pce., length 2000 mm
Antistatic   = Yes
Weight, spec. Length m = 226 g/m
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item Building Kit System 10
Line 10 - strong M10 thread and profile grooves with exceptional carrying capacity.
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Transport trolley - Article EX-01011Flexible, customisable trolley for transporting materials.

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eCl@ss 4.0 22041415
eCl@ss 4.1 22041415
eCl@ss 5.0 23210192
eCl@ss 5.1 23210192
eCl@ss 6.0.1 23210192
eCl@ss 7.1 23240190
UNSPSC 7.0 31162703
UNSPSC 9.0 31162703
customs tariff number 39161000

Sliding goods, depositing parts, protecting profiles –
Slide Strip 10 is an all-rounder in the profile groove.
The antistatic properties of the Slide Strip prevent transported goods from becoming electrostatically charged as a result of friction.
It can be easily fitted into profile groove 10, is hard-wearing and has a low coefficient of sliding friction.
The Slide Strips have a permissible compressive load of 2 N/mm2.
They can also be used as rebate strips and guide rails or can be employed as a support base, e.g. in shelves to protect sensitive products.