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Screw Clip - XMS

Art. No.: 0.0.652.72
Screw Clip - XMS
Screw Clip - XMS
Screw Clip - XMS
Screw Clip - XMS
Special features:
Clip, St, bright zinc-plated
4 height adjusters, PA-GF, black
Button-Head Screw ISO 7580-M4x20, St, bright zinc-plated
Line   = line X
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 21.3 g
Description Date Filesize
3D animation
08.05.2013 6 MB
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item Line XMS New Products Autumn 2012
Clean lines on the outside, ingenious details on the inside: Line XMS.
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XMS basic frame - Article EX-01083This basic frame for a machine shows how remarkably tidy mechanical engineering can be today. Line XMS is unobtrusive and elegant on the outside, but there's plenty going on inside.

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Machine cell with Linear UnitsRapid access to machinery: The cabin has a large service hatch, separate functional levels and integrated Linear Units.

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Steel screw clips provide additional fastening options within the cable conduit of Profile X 8 120x120 K56 - XMS. These universal fixings can be used with a broad range of accessories. Ridges running along the full length of the profile ensure that the screw clips can be installed wherever they are needed.
When combined with a height adjuster, Screw Clip - XMS can be used to fix installation elements flush with the profile contour. Four height adjusters of different thicknesses are supplied.