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Profile X 8 40x40 2N180 light, natural

Art. No.: 0.0.611.93
Profile X 8 40x40 2N180 light, natural
Profile X 8 40x40 2N180 light, natural
Profile X 8 40x40 2N180 light, natural
Profile X 8 40x40 2N180 light, natural
Special features:
Profile features easy-to-open groove(s)
Line   = line 8
line X
Material   = Al, anodized
Property   = natural
Delivery Unit   = cut-off max. 6000 mm
Cross-sectional area A = 6.75 cm2
Moment of Inertia, x-axis Ix = 10.03 cm4
Moment of Inertia, y-axis Iy = 9.47 cm4
Moment of Inertia, torsional It = 4.08 cm4
Resistance Moment, x-axis Wx = 5.01 cm3
Resistance Moment, y-axis Wy = 4.73 cm3
Weight, spec. Length m = 1.82 kg/m
Accessories for Profile X 8 40x40 2N180 light, natural
Product Order No. Quantity
Cap X 8 40x40, grey similar to RAL 7042 Cap X 8 40x40, grey similar to RAL 7042 0.0.489.60 1 pce.
Services Order No. Quantity
Saw Cut for Small Cross-Sections 1 pce.
Description Date Filesize
Technical documentation
06.01.2017 1 MB
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Chemical resistance of aluminium
03.12.2015 0 MB
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Sealed material lock - Article EX-01014This material lock with closed grooves is attractive, easy to clean and secure.

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eCl@ss 4.0 35020106
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eCl@ss 6.0.1 23360101
eCl@ss 7.1 23360101
UNSPSC 7.0 30102306
UNSPSC 9.0 30102306
customs tariff number 76042100

Profiles X 8 N add a number of profile variants to Line X. The grooves in these profiles are partially closed. Consequently, no additional work needs to be done to cover the grooves.
If necessary, this cover can simply be opened and removed to fit fastening elements or mount attachments.
Profiles with closed grooves are suitable for constructions where special emphasis is placed on appearance and ease of cleaning.
Opening the groove cover: It is advisable to mark the start and end of the opening with a ⌀ 9.2 drilled hole. The cover can then be removed easily with a T-Slot Opener (see under Tools in this Catalogue).
It is advisable to deburr the edges of the groove opening.
The opening allows T-Slot Nuts and other fastening elements (see Section 3 of the MB Building Kit System Comprehensive Catalogue) to be inserted in the profile groove.