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Connecting Cable, Socket / Earthed Plug, black

Art. No.: 0.0.417.42
Connecting Cable, Socket / Earthed Plug, black
Connecting Cable, Socket / Earthed Plug, black
Connecting Cable, Socket / Earthed Plug, black
Connecting Cable, Socket / Earthed Plug, black
Special features:
Cable length 3 m (1.5 mm2)
Property   = black
Delivery Unit   = 1 pce.
Length, rated L = 3000 mm
Weight m = 370 g
Image Description Files
Work bench E with electrical height adjustment - Article EX-01059Work bench E, which incorporates an electrical height-adjustment system, is ideal as an ergonomic work bench with a variety of functions.

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customs tariff number 85369010

The Connecting Cable is used to connect the power supply to an earthed plug.
The socket can be used to power the Light Fitting from any line network which is in place. The wires are held securely in the socket by means of a spring-force connection.
If several Light Fittings are connected end-to-end, the power is fed from one Light Fitting to another by means of the Adapter. The dowel which is inserted into a mounting hole in the cap provides a mechanical link between the Light Fittings.
If several Light Fittings positioned separately are connected in series and share a common power supply, the Light Fittings are interconnected using the Extension Cable which is available prefitted with appropriate connectors in a standard length of 2 m, or alternatively a customised version may be made using a plug and socket.