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Release Unit D30 Spring-loaded Reset Device

Art. No.: 0.0.660.46
Release Unit D30 Spring-loaded Reset Device
Release Unit D30 Spring-loaded Reset Device
Release Unit D30 Spring-loaded Reset Device
Release Unit D30 Spring-loaded Reset Device
Special features:
Fastener D30, die-cast Al, natural
Tube End Cap D30, NBR Sh 60A
Extension spring 1.25x12.7x121, St, stainless
2 Caps 6 D30, PA-GF, black
2 Button-Head Screws ISO 7380 M6x30, St, bright zinc-plated
2 T-Slot Nuts 6 St M6, St, bright zinc-plated
Line   = line D30
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 208.0 g
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Lean Production Building Kit System: New Products Autumn 2013
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Work bench with integrated material supply rackThe combination for maximum productivity: A work bench with electrical height adjustment that brings the FIFO rack with it.

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Classifications are industry-wide product data standards that are used, among other things, to support structured processing in ERP and e-business systems. Do you need the classification data for all item products for your e-procurement system? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
eCl@ss 4.0 36121505
eCl@ss 4.1 36121505
eCl@ss 5.0 36129190
eCl@ss 5.1 36129190
eCl@ss 6.0.1 36120490
eCl@ss 7.1 36120490
UNSPSC 7.0 24101709
UNSPSC 9.0 24101709
customs tariff number 73269098

Using tugger trains to load and unload roller conveyor racks as part of an automated system is efficient and reduces costs. And compact Release Unit D30 now makes it extremely easy to design customised shooter solutions that get transport containers (small load carriers, SLCs) moving from station to station.
Release Unit D30 comprises:
A robust Bar that keeps even heavy workpieces in place on a roller conveyor during transport.
An Actuator Roller and Actuator Ramp that, when they come into side-on contact, automatically open the system’s locking mechanism, so that transport boxes are only released when shooter and workstation are correctly aligned.
A Spring-Loaded Reset Device that ensures the Bar travels back to its original position as soon as the contact between Ramp and Roller is broken.
This type of shooter solution supports the selective release of individual conveyor lines, whereby each carriage in a tugger train is triggered at a different unloading point. By customising the installation height of the actuation elements, users can tailor the release action to their needs so that various supply lines can be correctly loaded or unloaded in a single pass.
Actuator Ramps are available in two installation depths to suit different roller conveyors (38 and 61 mm). This ensures that even conveyor lines that protrude can be reliably actuated.
L:Total clearance
a: Recommended minimum clearance = 113 mm
b: min. 91 mm
l1 = L - a - b - 6 mm (Profile 6 D30 for the Roller strut)
l2 = b - 28.5 mm (Profile 6 D30 for the stop)
A Release Unit D30 Actuator Roller operates at least two Bars at once and can operate more, if necessary. Depending on the width of the load, a second roller conveyor can be secured simply by adding an additional Bar.
The shooter is released when the Actuator Roller runs over the Actuator Ramp.
The Release Unit can perform the same function even on protruding roller conveyors.
Profile 6 D30 (0.0.616.46) must be used to fasten the Bar and the Actuator Ramp.