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Flange D30-90x90

Art. No.: 0.0.655.54
Flange D30-90x90
Flange D30-90x90
Flange D30-90x90
Flange D30-90x90
Special features:
2 screws DIN 912-M6x8, bright zinc-plated
Line   = line D30
Material   = St, bright zinc-plated
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 300.0 g
Accessories for Flange D30-90x90
Product Order No. Quantity
Adapter 8 D30 Adapter 8 D30 0.0.630.51 1 pce.
End Connector 8 D30-90° End Connector 8 D30-90° 0.0.629.97 1 set
Floor-Fastening Set M8x95, bright zinc-plated Floor-Fastening Set M8x95, bright zinc-plated 0.0.432.97 1 pce.
Tools Order No. Quantity
Key with T-Handle 5 A/F Key with T-Handle 5 A/F 1 pce.
Video Title / Content Size Format Download
7. FAQ D30
7. Are the tubes and fasteners in Line D30 electrostatically dissipative?
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UNSPSC 7.0 56111902
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customs tariff number 73269098

The universal fastening for Line D30 profiles and tubes is here! Flange D30 connects D30 constructions to walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces. Simply screw into place. And it holds.
When using Adapter 8 D30 or End Connector 8 D30-90°, one or even two (Profile) Tubes D30 can be fastened to the Flange. The additional use of Parallel Fastener D30 produces exceptionally stable basic constructions.
Because Fasteners D30 clamp onto the outer surface of profiles, tubes and adapters, even existing constructions can be connected to virtually any surface.