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Light Fitting 55W, 230V

Art. No.: 0.0.417.34
Light Fitting 55W, 230V
Light Fitting 55W, 230V
Light Fitting 55W, 230V
Light Fitting 55W, 230V
Special features:
On/off switch
55W compact fluorescent lamp
Electronic Lamp-Control Unit
60° parabolic reflector grid
Socket lock
Notes on Use and Installation
Line   = line 8
Delivery Unit   = 1 pce.
Power P = 55 W
Voltage, primary U1 = 230 V AC
Length, rated L = 600 mm
Weight m = 3.7 kg
Description Date Filesize
Assembly instruction
22.02.2010 1 MB
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item work bench systems - New Products Autumn 2010
The new item work bench system.
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UNSPSC 7.0 56111901
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customs tariff number 94051098

Sturdy Light Fitting for flicker-free illumination of workplaces and machines. The integrated swivel profile with Line 8 system groove supports 7 setting angles.
The Light Fitting can be powered from a 230 V AC source (120 V AC on request) and is VDE-ENEC safety-approved. When fitted with the impact-resistant Polycarbonate Protective Panel and sealing cap, the Light Fitting complies with IP 40-EN 60529.
All electrical connecting elements are approved for a rated voltage of 250 V AC with a rated current of 16 A.
The Connecting Cable is used to connect the power supply to an earthed plug.
The socket can be used to power the Light Fitting from any line network which is in place. The wires are held securely in the socket by means of a spring-force connection.
If several Light Fittings are connected end-to-end, the power is fed from one Light Fitting to another by means of the Adapter. The dowel which is inserted into a mounting hole in the cap provides a mechanical link between the Light Fittings.
If several Light Fittings positioned separately are connected in series and share a common power supply, the Light Fittings are interconnected using the Extension Cable which is available prefitted with appropriate connectors in a standard length of 2 m, or alternatively a customised version may be made using a plug and socket.
The Light Fitting can be sealed against dust (IP 40) by means of the Protective Panel. This panel also protects the Light Fitting against soiling and damage. The open socket must be sealed with a cap.
To allow the Light Fitting to be adjusted to individual applications, it can be locked in various positions over a swivel range of ±22.5° from 0°.
Light distribution
Test distance 900 mm