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Lifting-Door Guide Set 8

Art. No.: 0.0.388.70
Lifting-Door Guide Set 8
Lifting-Door Guide Set 8
Lifting-Door Guide Set 8
Lifting-Door Guide Set 8
Special features:
Housing halves, POM, black
Steel insert, St, bright zinc-plated
Button-Head Screw ISO 7380-M6x25, St, bright zinc-plated
T-Slot Nut 8 St M6, bright zinc-plated
3 Cap Screws DIN 912-M6x25, St, bright zinc-plated
3 Hexagon Nuts DIN 934-M6, St, bright zinc-plated
Line   = line 8
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 94 g
Image Description Files
Machine enclosure with modular lifting doors - Article EX-01016Versatile material lock with lifting door made from impact-proof polycarbonate; suitable for automated operation.

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Machine enclosure - Article EX-01082This machine enclosure with work bench has been fitted with noise-insulating material on the front. Steel Mesh on the top provides ventilation and ensures maximum occupational safety.

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Large guard - Article EX-01087This large guard with sliding doors, swing doors and lifting doors will fit into any hall layout, whether access requirements are for fork-lift trucks, passing materials through a lifting door or carrying out maintenance work through secured doors.

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UNSPSC 7.0 31162703
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customs tariff number 39269097

Lifting-Door Guide Set 8 facilitates the construction of lifting doors consisting of frame elements with various panel elements which are located between two vertical profiles.
Between the lifting door and the profile, there must be a space of 25 mm on each side.
One or two counter-weights which are connected to the lifting door using Timing-Belt Reverse Units and Timing Belts (Section 8.2 Mechanical Drive Elements) compensate for the weight of the door. The lifting door and counter-weights are guided in the grooves of the Stand Profiles by means of Guide Sets.
In addition, the Guide Sets connect the Timing Belt to the lifting door and counter-weight. As a rule, four Lifting Door Guide Sets are required for the lifting door and two for each counter- weight. The size of the counter-weight is determined by the weight of the lifting door. Whether one or two counter-weights are installed depends on the door weight and the ratio between the door width and door height, i.e. the aspect ratio.
Any suitable mass can be used as a counter-weight, (for example square steel bar or filled conduit elements). The counter-weights are screw attached to the Lifting-Door Guide Set which guides them along the profile groove.
The use of Timing-Belt Reverse Units is a basic requirement for using drive units. The process of opening and closing lifting doors can thus be automated and integrated into manufacturing systems or transport sequences.