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Document Holder 8 A3

Art. No.: 0.0.476.23
Document Holder 8 A3
Document Holder 8 A3
Document Holder 8 A3
Document Holder 8 A3
Special features:
Fully assembled (excluding protective panel)
Document dimension A = 420 mm
Document dimension B = 300 mm
Line   = Work Bench System
line 8
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 1.3 kg
Accessories for Document Holder 8 A3
Product Order No. Quantity
Clip 8 St, bright zinc-plated Clip 8 St, bright zinc-plated 0.0.428.97 1 pce.
Video Title / Content Size Format Download
item work bench systems - New Products Autumn 2010
The new item work bench system.
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customs tariff number 76169990

The Document Holder system is used for constructing display and information panels of any size in the workplace or the training area. The panels can be attached directly to a frame construction made of aluminium profiles, e.g. to the work bench in the production area. The Document Holder can also be used to construct fixed or moveable panels on appropriate frame structures.
The system consists of two aluminium profiles that are interconnected using an integrated spring-loaded hinge. The Document Holder Support Profile forms the fixed frame which also secures the rear panel. This frame is fixed onto basic constructions made up of Line 8 Profiles using Clip 8 St. The spring-loaded Lid Profile firmly clamps documents and drawings and can securely hold an optional acrylic glass panel to protect documents.
The simplest form of the Document Holder is the clipboard. When deciding on the profile dimensions an additional clamping margin should be taken into account.
Another design option consists of an all-round frame construction which, for example, enables documents to be attached securely in industrial applications.
A further application for the Document Holder system is to construct moveable or fixed panels which allow drawings of up to A0 size and above to be held safely.
The clamping force of the Lid Profile can be adapted to the specific requirements by changing the number of clamping springs. At least two springs are required for each Lid Profile.
The end faces of the Support Profiles and Lid Profiles are fitted with the Cap Sets. These serve as a lateral guide for the lid when opening.
The Lid Profile opens and closes to clamp the Document Holder.
The leaf springs hold the lid in place at its two extreme positions. The document is held in place by simply closing the Lid Profile as illustrated.
A protective panel can be used in Document Holder frames that are enclosed on all sides. This too is held in position by the Lid Profile.
The Document Holder Support Profile is fixed onto basic constructions made up of Line 8 Profiles using Clip 8 St.
The Support Profile can also be secured to any surface using a Countersunk Screw.