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Display Panel Holder 8

Art. No.: 0.0.631.87
Display Panel Holder 8
Display Panel Holder 8
Display Panel Holder 8
Display Panel Holder 8
Special features:
Display Panel Holder
2 T-Slot Nuts V 8 St M5, bright zinc-plated
2 Button-Head Screws M5x12, St, bright zinc-plated
2 screws DIN 5021-5,3, St, bright zinc-plated
Line   = Work Bench System
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 210 g
Accessories for Display Panel Holder 8
Product Order No. Quantity
Display Panel PP, red Display Panel PP, red 0.0.636.77 1 pce.
Display Panel PP, black Display Panel PP, black 0.0.635.18 1 pce.
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item work bench systems - New Products Autumn 2010
The new item work bench system.
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eCl@ss 6.0.1 21100290
eCl@ss 7.1 21100290
UNSPSC 7.0 56111905
UNSPSC 9.0 56111905
customs tariff number 39263000

The item Display Panel system ensures that safety instructions, working plans, etc. are clearly positioned and always in view at any work bench!
Simply fit the Display Panel Holder to the profiles and add hard-wearing black or red polypropylene (PP) Display Panels as required.
Simply insert the Display Panels into the holder.
Each holder can accommodate up to 10 Display Panels. The slightly inclined positioning of the holder ensures that display panels stay open and are therefore easy to read.