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Label Hanger Profile H42, clear

Art. No.: 0.0.654.91
Label Hanger Profile H42, clear
Label Hanger Profile H42, clear
Label Hanger Profile H42, clear
Label Hanger Profile H42, clear
Special features:
Line   = line D30
Material   = PVC
Property   = clear
Delivery Unit   = 1 pce., length 2000 mm
Weight m = 237.0 g
Accessories for Label Hanger Profile H42, clear
Product Order No. Quantity
Label Hanger Clip D30, bright zinc-plated Label Hanger Clip D30, bright zinc-plated 0.0.654.93 1 pce.
Description Date Filesize
19.12.2013 0 MB
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customs tariff number 39162000

The item label solution keeps everything in order in a D30 rack – without using up valuable time and space. The Label Hanger is secured in place on a frame via a clip and hangs down under the tube. There are two benefits to this design – firstly, the (Profile) Tube is left largely free for other uses, such as fitting roller conveyor fastening brackets and, secondly, the clip can be put in place and moved in seconds, which is particularly useful when storage locations need to be changed over quickly.
The practical Label Hanger is available in two sizes. Both variants protect cards or strips of paper safely behind tough PVC. The transparent hangers are open along the top edge, thereby ensuring labels can be inserted with ease. Label Hanger D30-100 is 102 mm wide and can be secured to a Clip using the pre-perforated slots. Label Hanger Profile H42 can be cut to size as required to produce Label Hangers in any width up to 2000 mm.
Label Hanger Clip D30 is responsible for keeping labels securely connected to profiles. It is narrow enough that it will fit on even the most heavily used profiles, but wide enough to hold the Label Profile in place. Additional Clips can be used according to the length of Label Hangers and the loads they are subjected to. The reusable fastening is simply pushed into place and secures a Label Hanger to all D30 Profiles, Profile Tubes and Tubes without the need for a screw connection.
Modular dimension of Label Hanger Profile H42, which can be cut to size.