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Clamping Set, Door Profile X 8 - XMS

Art. No.: 0.0.650.61
Clamping Set, Door Profile X 8 - XMS
Clamping Set, Door Profile X 8 - XMS
Clamping Set, Door Profile X 8 - XMS
Clamping Set, Door Profile X 8 - XMS
Special features:
2 panel holders, PA, grey
4 thrust pieces, St, bright zinc-plated
4 grub screws DIN 916-M6x25, St, bright zinc-plated
Line   = line X
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 26.4 g
Tools Order No. Quantity
Key with T-Handle 3 A/F Key with T-Handle 3 A/F 0.0.370.59 1 pce.
Description Date Filesize
3D animation
08.05.2013 6 MB
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customs tariff number 83024900

Clamping Set, Door Profile X 8 - XMS is used to precisely adjust door frames and correct distortion caused by the weight of the assembly.
The components in the Clamping Set pair (one panel holder, two thrust pieces and two grub screws for one corner of a frame) are installed in Door Profile X 8 - XMS.
Door Profile machining requirements when installing Clamping Set, Door Profile X 8 - XMS. One Clamping Set must be used for each panel segment.
Recommended use of Clamping Sets in a door leaf comprising two panel segments. Adjustments can be made as indicated in the diagram, starting from the top.