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Security Lock compact, 230 V AC

Art. No.: 0.0.473.27
Security Lock compact, 230 V AC
Security Lock compact, 230 V AC
Security Lock compact, 230 V AC
Security Lock compact, 230 V AC
Special features:
Casing, PA-GF, black
Positive break
Rated control supply voltage: 230 V AC
Protection: IP 67, EN 60529
Test certification to BG-GS-ET-19
Triangular socket wrench DIN 22417 M5
B10d switch (NC) 2,000,000
Service life: 20 years
Line   = line 6
line 8
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Voltage, primary U1 = 230 V AC
Weight m = 305 g
Description Date Filesize
Assembly instruction
23.02.2010 1 MB
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eCl@ss 6.0.1 27130690
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UNSPSC 7.0 39121501
UNSPSC 9.0 39121501
customs tariff number 85365019

Compact Security Limit Switch and Security Lock for electrical and mechanical securing of swing, lifting and sliding doors.
When the actuator is pressed in, the contact is closed. The Security Lock, working on the zero-current principle, also locks the actuator at the same time when appropriately wired. This mechanically prevents the doors from being opened even in the event of a power failure or impermissible operating states. In the event of an emergency, the Security Lock can be opened without power using the supplied triangular socket wrench.
Fastening Set 6-8 is suitable for universal fastening of the Security Limit Switch/Security Lock compact and the actuator to Profiles 6 and/or 8. The slots allow customised adaptation to the direction of actuation and the position of the elements in relation to each other.
Wiring diagram:
Security Lock compact
Illustration of circuits:
Security Lock compact