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Foot Rest 450x400 ESD, black

Art. No.: 0.0.600.72
Foot Rest 450x400 ESD, black
Foot Rest 450x400 ESD, black
Foot Rest 450x400 ESD, black
Foot Rest 450x400 ESD, black
Special features:
Base frame, St
Lifting column, Al
Tread plate, PA
Notes on Use and Installation
Line   = Work Bench System
Property   = black
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Antistatic   = Yes
Weight m = 6.4 kg
Description Date Filesize
Assembly instruction
04.03.2010 0 MB
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item work bench systems - New Products Autumn 2010
The new item work bench system.
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Double assembly work bench - Article EX-01056Two height-adjustable table elements with accessories for production work.

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customs tariff number 94019080

Foot Rest 450x400 can be adjusted to different heights and is suitable for all kinds of work benches. It can be positioned at any location under work benches in workshops or offices and adjusted to suit specific users and working environments. Its adjustable height renders it suitable for activities carried out both standing and seated.
The tread plate is made from a plastic with ESD (electrostatic discharge) properties. ESD is only ensured if the tread plate has a conductive connection to the contact surface (floor) or an appropriate Earthing Terminal. A conductor is connected to the underside of the tread plate for this purpose. The discharge resistance R from the tread plate surface to the conductor connection is 103 Ω < R < 105 Ω.
The tread plate can be secured in one of two different basic positions – high or low. Pressing the central foot-operated button releases the pneumatic spring lock inside the lifting column. The height of the surface on which the feet rest can then be infinitely adjusted as required over a range of 110 mm in each basic position by exerting pressure on the tread plate. The height of this surface can thus be anywhere between 100 and 340 mm.