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Chain Reverse Unit 8 80 with Bore

Art. No.: 0.0.463.75
Chain Reverse Unit 8 80 with Bore
Chain Reverse Unit 8 80 with Bore
Chain Reverse Unit 8 80 with Bore
Chain Reverse Unit 8 80 with Bore
Special features:
Chain Reverse Unit, die-cast zinc, black, pre-assembled
Ball-bearing sprocket wheel, z = 16 (z = number of teeth)
One revolution corresponds to 203.2 mm
effective radius rw = 32.3 mm
Hub with bore D8, reborable up to max. ø 15 mm
Hub depth 30 mm, Max. load: MD = 20 Nm
Tensioning Block, die-cast zinc, black, pre-assembled
Fastening screws, St, black, 2 caps, PA, black
Chain length in Reverse Unit 236.3 mm
Notes on Use and Installation
Line   = line 8
Delivery Unit   = 1 pce.
Torque max. Mmax. = 20 Nm
Weight m = 1.1 kg
Description Date Filesize
Assembly instruction
22.02.2010 1 MB
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customs tariff number 84833080

Chain Reverse Units 8 80 are used for reversing, clamping and driving Chain ½".
They are screwed into the end faces of Profiles 8 at a height of 80 mm.
It is possible to fit motors and couplings D55 directly to the Chain Reverse Unit.
The Chain Reverse Unit incorporates integrated chain tensioning block and clamp.
The Chain tensioning distance is 2x13 mm in total. The Chain tension must be set so that the Chain can also be operated with the slack side of the Chain only slightly pre-tensioned.
The Chain can be driven directly using the Chain Reverse Units or the Chain Counter-Reverse Unit. The sprocket wheels of the Chain Reverse Units are available with multi-spline hub VK14 or with a bore that can be machined as required. Use of multi-spline hub VK14 enables the modular accessories (Synchroniser Shafts) to be used without any restrictions.
The Chain Reverse Units are screw-connected into the core bores in the end faces of the frame profiles.
The Chain Guide Profile must be cut 50 mm longer than the aluminium profile, since it must project 25 mm into the Reverse Unit at each end.
Calculating the chain length:
Chain drive with two Chain Reverse Units 8 80