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Chain Counter-Reverse Unit 8

Art. No.: 0.0.463.91
Chain Counter-Reverse Unit 8
Chain Counter-Reverse Unit 8
Chain Counter-Reverse Unit 8
Chain Counter-Reverse Unit 8
Special features:
Housing cast Aluminium, black, pre-assembled
2 reversing wheels, St, with ball bearings
Drive wheel with centric bore, St, z =16
reborable up to ø 24 mm or ø 20 mm with parallel keyway to DIN 6885
Adapter Plate with clamping elements, Al, natural
Fastening screws, St, black
T-Slot Nut 8 St 2xM8-50, St, bright zinc-plated
4 caps, PA, black
Max. load: MD = 35 Nm
Chain length in Counter-Reverse Unit 306.8 mm
Notes on Use and Installation
Line   = line 8
Delivery Unit   = 1 pce.
Torque max. Mmax. = 35 Nm
Weight m = 3 kg
Description Date Filesize
Assembly instruction
22.02.2010 1 MB
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customs tariff number 84833080

The Chain Counter-Reverse Unit provides a means of moving the drive to any position on the chain guide.
The Chain can be tensioned by moving the motor and sliding Adapter Plate Assembly within the Chain Counter-Reverse Unit if there is insufficient adjustment on the Chain Reverse Units.
The Chain Counter-Reverse Unit is screwed directly to the Support Profile. The Chain Guide Profile must be interrupted at this point in order to remove the chain from the profile groove.
Drive motors can be fitted using the Adapter Plate. The sprocket wheel hub and the Adapter Plate of the Chain Counter-Reverse Unit must be machined to suit requirements. The sprocket wheel is fitted directly onto the motor gearbox output shaft which also provides the necessary bearing arrangement.
To establish the exact length and precise number of chain links, divide the calculated chain length by 12.7 mm (= ½″) and round up the result to a whole even number. Subtract one chain link from this total, to be replaced by the removable Chain Link.
Note: Because the Chain stretches when under operating load it may be necessary – depending on the length of the conveyor line – to install a Chain that is shorter than the calculated target length. This adjustment can be made during assembly. The play-free chain drive is adjusted at the Chain Reverse Units.
The stretching that occurs in a new Chain must also be compensated for by making adjustments to the Chain Reverse Units.
Calculating the chain length for a chain drive with two Chain Reverse Units 8 80 and one Chain Counter-Reverse Unit 8: