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Central-Fastening Set 8

Art. No.: 0.0.494.15
Central-Fastening Set 8
Central-Fastening Set 8
Central-Fastening Set 8
Central-Fastening Set 8
Special features:
Clamping pin, St, bright zinc-plated
Clamping spring, St, stainless
Sleeve with bore, St, bright zinc-plated
Grub screw M10, St, bright zinc-plated
Cap, PA grey
Line   = line 8
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Torque M = 15 Nm
Weight m = 42 g
Services Order No. Quantity
Connection Processing, Central-Fastening Set 8 0.0.609.53 1 pce.
Tools Order No. Quantity
Step Drill, Mitre Connection 8 Step Drill, Mitre Connection 8 0.0.492.60 1 pce.
Drilling Jig Mitre Connection 8 D14.2 Drilling Jig Mitre Connection 8 D14.2 0.0.493.72 1 pce.
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eCl@ss 7.1 23360290
UNSPSC 7.0 31162503
UNSPSC 9.0 31162503
customs tariff number 83024200

Central-Fastening Set 8 is particularly well suited for right-angled connections between Line 8 profiles and can be used when constructing protective enclosures and partitions.
Central-Fastening Set 8 is useful if the profile grooves of a construction facing each other are to accommodate a panel element. Since the groove area remains free with this fastening set, no special machining of the panel element in the corner area is required.
Central-Fastening Set 8 is thus a particularly cost-effective means of making a profile connection.
How to use Central-Fastening Set 8:
1. Cut a countersink ⌀ 14.2 mm for the fastener sleeve into the side of the profile to be connected on its end face. The distance between the hole and the end face of the profile is 12 mm and the depth of the countersink 26.7 mm.
Use of item Drilling Jig 0.0.493.72 and Step Drill D14.2 (Art. No. 0.0.492.60) is recommended.
2. The core bore of the profile is cut into the end face
(⌀ 8.2 mm; 20 mm deep). The bore must then be deburred.
3. Insert the clamping pin into the groove of the continuous profile.
4. Insert the fastener sleeve into the countersink
⌀ 14.2 mm, introduce the clamping pin and make the profile connection.
5. Drive grub screw M10 into the fastener sleeve and clamp the profile connection (M = 15 Nm).
6. Fit the cap onto the fastener sleeve.
Due to the reduced clamping force and the lack of any anti-torsion feature between the profiles, this fastening set should only be used in combination with panel elements in the profile groove and only for profile connections subject to low loads. Where more stringent requirements need to be satisfied and parts are important for safety considerations, it is advisable to use the proven fastening techniques for basic constructions (Standard-Fastening, Universal-Fastening or Automatic-Fastening Sets).
The profile to be connected via its end face needs to be machined before the Central-Fastening Set can be used.
The hole to accommodate Central-Fastening Set 8 should be produced with Step Drill D14.2 (0.0.492.60).
* When using Radius Seals in combination with Central-Fastening Set 8, the distance between the hole and the end face of the profile should be reduced from 12 mm to 11 mm.