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Automatic-Fastening Set 10, bright zinc-plated

Art. No.: 0.0.624.74
Automatic-Fastening Set 10, bright zinc-plated
Automatic-Fastening Set 10, bright zinc-plated
Automatic-Fastening Set 10, bright zinc-plated
Automatic-Fastening Set 10, bright zinc-plated
Special features:
Automatic Fastener 10, St
Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw M8x50, St
T-Slot Nut 10 St M8
Line   = line 10
Property   = bright zinc-plated
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Torque, bright zinc-plated Mbz-p = 25 Nm
Weight m = 69.5 g
Tools Order No. Quantity
Key with T-Handle 8 A/F Key with T-Handle 8 A/F 0.0.480.36 1 pce.
Ball-Headed Key 5 A/F Ball-Headed Key 5 A/F 1 pce.
L-Key 5 A/F L-Key 5 A/F 1 pce.
Description Date Filesize
Finding the right fastener fast
01.09.2015 2 MB
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Assembly instruction
04.03.2010 0 MB
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item Building Kit System 10
Line 10 - strong M10 thread and profile grooves with exceptional carrying capacity.
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item Automatic-Fastening Set
The Automatic Fastener is a right-angled, slidable, power-locking connection with a high load-bearing capacity.
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The item solution for anyone who wants to cut out profile processing!
The Automatic-Fastening Set is a right-angled profile fastener that offers outstanding flexibility.
Retrofitting, moving the profile, anti-torsion securing when required – everything is possible.
The self-tapping fastener is screwed into the end face of a profile groove. It is advisable to use an electric driver and lubricant.
L-Key 5 A/F ( is available for tightening the screw of Automatic-Fastening Set 10 (tightening torque M = 25 Nm).
Excellent anti-torsion: Allow the Automatic Fastener to protrude sufficiently for the end of the fastener to project into the other profile groove.
Automatic-Fastening Sets should always be used in pairs.