Automatic Butt-Fastening Set 5, bright zinc-plated


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Special features:
item products are based on different modular dimensions and their associated system grooves. Profiles from Lines 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 each need corresponding sizes of fasteners. The profiles in Line X feature a Line 8 system groove but have a particularly flat surface with minimum curve radii that make them ideal for building sealed constructions.
Components that are RoHS-compliant contain no dangerous substances such as lead or cadmium. EC Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS 1) restricts the use of certain substances in electronic devices and components. These include batteries, etc.
All substances are registered according to the REACH regulation. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) ensures that users have accurate information on the type and properties of operating materials, lubricants, etc. that they might come into contact with.
Delivery unit
Scale limit
1 set
on application
on application
on application

on application
line 5
bright zinc-plated
Delivery Unit
1 set
Torque, bright zinc-plated
Mbz-p = 2.5 Nm
m = 11 g

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1 Automatic Fastener 5 with through bore, St
1 Automatic Fastener 5 with threaded bore, St
Screw M4x40, St
s  =  4 A/F
The Automatic Butt-Fastening Sets can be used to connect the end faces of two profiles from the same Line without mechanical processing. Automatic Butt-Fastening Sets should always be used in pairs. Depending on the profile size and load, several pairs may be necessary.
The Fastener is screwed into a profile groove in the end face, the thread being cut automatically. Use of a lubricant is recommended.
Note: All Fasteners with a through bore for the fastening screw have a counter-clockwise thread on the outside in order to prevent the Fastener twisting when the screw is tightened. The Fasteners with internal threads have a clockwise thread on the outside.
When driving the Fastener with internal thread into a profile, additional anti-torsion protection can be provided by leaving the end protruding out so that it projects into the groove opposite. The Fastener with through bore will then need to be driven far enough into the adjoining profile to accommodate it.
Automatic-Fastening Set 5 should be inserted so that the flattening on the thread is flush with the outer edge of the profile.


Finding the right fastener fast(2 MB)


item Automatic-Fastening Set

The Automatic Fastener is a right-angled, slidable, power-locking connection with a high load-bearing capacity. The particular assembly advantage: No profile machining because the fastener is screwed directly into the end faces of the aluminium profile.


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