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Angle Locking Bracket 8 80x40

Art. No.: 0.0.615.59
Angle Locking Bracket 8 80x40
Angle Locking Bracket 8 80x40
Angle Locking Bracket 8 80x40
Angle Locking Bracket 8 80x40
Special features:
Bracket and locking discs, die-cast aluminium, RAL 9006 white aluminium
Knurled screw M8x18, St, bright zinc-plated
2 compression springs, St
2 Button-Head Screws M8x18, St, bright zinc-plated
2 Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws M8x18, St, bright zinc-plated
3 washers, St, bright zinc-plated
4 T-Slot Nuts 8 St M8, bright zinc-plated
Line   = line 8
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 290 g
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Assembly instruction
18.08.2015 0 MB
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Shelf trolley with roller conveyor - Article EX-01042Shelf trolley made from item components – outside grooves closed for easier cleaning, coloured roller conveyors on inside.

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customs tariff number 83024900

Angle Locking Bracket 8 80x40 is used to interconnect profile structures at any chosen angle. It is ideal for connecting adjustable jigs to ergonomically designed workstations. Important areas of application include stand-alone shelves, shelving units, material trolleys etc.
Integrated toothing enables brackets to be secured rigidly so that they can support high loads (angular step α = 2.5°). The product is particularly easy to use. When the knurled screw is loosened, spring pressure lifts the disc out of the toothing and enables adjustments to be carried out easily without need for tools.
The Angle Locking Bracket is supplied preassembled and is screwed easily to Profiles 8 using the enclosed fastening elements without processing.
An adjustable profile frame with 2 Angle Locking Brackets 8 80x40 can withstand a force Fmax. = 2000 N.
This profile frame has a permissible loading moment of:
M = 100 Nm